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About Us

We are Happiness Coaches!!

Happiness Coach is a guide that helps you through the dark phase of life and makes sure you emerge better and stronger than ever before.

If you are experiencing a rather dull period in your life, relationships are not working out, your boss isn’t too pleased with your performance, or you don’t feel like you’re performing at your maximum capacity? Talk to Happiness Coach today.

What is Coaching & How is it Different?

Unlike mentoring or consulting, coaching doesn’t offer complicated philosophy or psychiatry. Coaching is a unique method of providing solutions to those who want to achieve their set aims and goals, but just don’t know the right path or steps to take.


In short, a Life Coach is like a magician – he analyses the cards you have been dealt by life and assists you in dealing with them in a better manner. This can involve changing the game entirely, or finding a new and better game. 

Bottom line: A coach will guide you in closing the gap between your aspirations and reality, and will help you become the BEST VERSION of yourself. 

What is Happiness Coaching?

You might not think it’s very important, but staying positive and tranquil is a life skill that makes it easier to withstand even the greatest of hardships. We often forget how a positive and healthy mind-set can help us achieve our goals and aims. Happiness Coach is here to remind you of the importance of self-healing, staying proactive during hardships, and most importantly, being grateful. 

​What Can Happiness Coach Help You Achieve? 

After consulting with our dedicated support team of coaches, you’ll have surely developed the following life-changing attributes and skills:

  • Clarity in thinking and making decisions.

  • Challenge limiting beliefs and misconceptions.

  • Found your true calling or purpose.

  • Understand the need to set and achieve goals and objectives.

  • Create and learn new skills.

  • Reconnect with hidden or suppressed passions.

  • Discover and enhance your inner motivation.

  • Develop a profound sense of self

  • How to build resources our of challenges.

  • Defeat bad lifestyle behaviors and habits.

  • Develop confidence.

​What We Will Teach You? 

At Happiness Coach,  we will teach you...

  • Focus on solutions instead of problems.

  • Focus on positives, instead of negatives.

  • Focus on what you want to achieve, instead of what is pulling you back or clouding your judgement.

  • Our trained and experienced Happiness Coaches are responsible for the entire coaching process, and will train you to become your own life’s expert!