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There is a Reason…

The Reason that gets you out of Bed is certainly something more than a paycheck!

Join The 3-Days IKIGAI workshop With Coach Deepak To Make You And Your Avengers

Show Up Every Day With A Reason.

By the end of this IKIGAI Workshop, you are going to know your reason and you are going to fall in love with your team, with your boss, with your work, and with your life.

[Original Value INR ₹5499 – Limited Time Offer!]

Instantly Start Living Your Ordinary Life As An Extraordinary One.

Join Happiness Coach - Mr. Deepak Verma, with your team, to know your IKIGAI to work, to work together,

to work with a purpose, to work happily and live

a life with purpose. 

[Original Value INR ₹5499 – Limited Time Offer!]

What Will I Learn In This 3-Day IKIGAI Workshop?

  • Create a sustainable mindset of wellbeing.

  • Finding my own definition for Myself.

  • Identifying passions, strengths in a structured manner. 

  • Identify and master a routine of powerful habits for me.

  • Lifestyle and attitude changes for a long, healthy and happy life.

  • Getting into a passionate work habit. 

  • Moving to a more engaged style of work.

  • Mastering a set of habits for me. 

  • Identify and master a routine of powerful habits for me. 

  • Moving to a more engaged style of work.

  • Cohesive Team bonding. 

  • Identify and master areas of MTR. 

  • Moving from conflict to collaboration.

  • Moving towards a Team vision. 

  • Higher level of Group bonding. 

  • Imbibing Collaborative work style.

  • Mastering Inner atlas of emotions. 

  • Moving to a circle of control within us. 

  • Imbibing a Resilient mindset.

  • Confusion to calmness to clarity in speech. 

  • Managing silence, pause and speech. 

  • Imbibing a Speakology style of speech.

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Who Else Has Attended This Workshop?

30000+ Individuals from 25+ Big Companies have attended this workshop

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About The Coach


Deepak Varma, from Happiness Coach, is the creator of the accredited diploma in SpeakologyTM program. An Ikigai" Coach, Deepak is a renowned keynote speaker and also a healer who has developed the healing technique, "Healify" which taps into the subconscious of the individual to holistically heal his clients.

He has conducted more than 3000 workshops across 10 countries, trained 35000+ individuals from more than 75 organizations. He has authored the best-selling book "The Joyful Quotient" in 2019. Deepak is a master Udemy trainer with 4000 students, and growing every second, spread across the globe. He is also the co-founder of Entrepreneurs International, a learning and networking platform with executive members from 30 countries across the globe.

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Join the Ikigai Group Coaching Workshop By Coach Deepak Varma


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