How to Avoid the Habit of Procrastination

Updated: Apr 9

We’re all quite aware of the feeling of anxiety and stress when we’re trying to reach a deadline for a project that was assigned weeks ago. We are also aware of our exact thought process during that particular time when we’re cursing ourselves and making supposed “airtight commitments” with ourselves about how we’ll start working on a project as soon as it’s assigned so we don’t have to go through this hardship of working against time again. Come another deadline, and voila! Same situation, same curses and same promises to ourselves. Why do we do this? Is there no cure to get rid of this God awful habit that only hinders our progress?

Like every other problem, there’s a solution to this one as well, however we must familiarize ourselves with the difference between being lazy and procrastinating first. Being lazy suggests apathy and unwillingness to work, whereas procrastination on the other is just choosing to do something else of lesser importance because you find it enjoyable and easy compared to the task on hand. Now that we’ve got this part all clarified, let’s jump to the solutions that can be applied in order to get rid of this unproductive habit once and for all.

There are quite a few things a person can do in order to get rid of this habit for example; the first and foremost thing we have to do is admit that we’re procrastinating. That way, we can mentally prepare ourselves for the steps that we are going to take in order to get out of that state.

Secondly, the most important quality of any goal-oriented person is that they always have a To-Do List in order of importance for every day. Lists like these can keep a person’s activities in check especially because it will act as a constant reminder. Strictly adhering to the checklist will help you see results in a very short period of time which help in making you more productive and efficient.

Another thing that can be done is telling someone about the pending projects. This way, whenever the next meeting happens, they’ll always ask about your progress on that project which will serve as a reminder and also, PEER PRESSURE WILL FORCE YOU TO GET IT DONE TO AVOID THE EMBARRASSMENT! That’s one really efficient way of putting peer pressure to good use. and yourself free of such temptations and fully focused on the task at hand.

Changing environments can be of enormous help as well because our brain cannot function the same way everywhere. For example, when we’re working in bed, the brain will constantly tell you to just lie down for a bit or take a short break by snuggling into your warm bed whereas, if you’re at your workplace or somewhere without any such distractions, you’ll find yourself free of such temptations and fully focused on the task at hand.

Lastly, motivation is key when it comes to being focused. That is exactly why we always need to have incentives for every task we complete. It can be anything, ranging for a piece of cake to a full-blown meal, all that matters is that it is able to motivate you to start working again. Incentives help us in looking forward instead of indulging in tasks that will hold us back.

We, at Happiness Coach, provide you with ICF certified life coaches who specialize in helping people get out of slumps and get rid of this terrible habit. They will help you in recognizing the self-destructive patterns that are hindering your progress and help you overcome them by suggesting solutions that will resolve core problems rather than the superficial ones.

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