How To Manage Your Emotional Energy For Mental Wellbeing

In layman’s terms, ‘emotion’ refers to feelings generated spontaneously in a certain situation/circumstance; while ‘energy’ is the force that makes you ‘do’ what you do in response to the situation. Emotional energy therefore, is a force that makes you ‘do’ things based on how you feel under a certain circumstance. More often than not, what your emotional energy makes you do is a ‘reaction’ to a situation rather than an action backed by logical thinking. Therefore, it is very necessary to learn how to manage your emotional energy so you don’t end up doing something you may regret later.

Understanding Positive and Negative Emotional Energy –

Understanding ‘emotions’ per se, is very complex, given that, it is usually an individual’s perception of a situation that adds positivity or negativity to it. Say for example, Ms. S discovered that her fiancé was involved with another woman while they were engaged.

Case 1: Negative perception – Ms. S has a violent outburst, breaks up the engagement, goes into serious depression, develops trust issues and gives in to alcohol to numb her emotional pain.

Case 2: Positive perception – Ms. S speaks up about this breach in trust, breaks the engagement up, grieves momentarily, becomes grateful for having a toxic person removed from her life, picks herself up and moves on.

In case 1, a very negative emotional energy was in play which pushed Ms. S into a self-destructive downward spiral.

In Case 2 however, Ms. S responded to the same situation with more positivity that channeled her emotional energy towards acting in a way that added to her overall well-being and personal development.

Is Your Emotional Energy Well Balanced?

It is difficult for a person to self-assess whether their emotional energy is harmoniously aligned or in absolute chaos. Here are a few signs though, that can help you understand if you need to manage your emotional energy with due urgency…

  • You Complain Incessantly about both relevant and irrelevant matters

  • You Constantly Compare yourself with others and feel incomplete

  • You are trapped in a particular negative experience and determine every future course of action based on it

  • Your emotions reach their peak with negligible instigation

  • You work late night almost every night

  • You avoid conversations and are always on the defensive

  • You start distancing yourself from friends, family, partners, spouse… practically every individual that notices self-destructive tendencies in your behavior

  • It is always difficult for you to forgive yourself

  • You develop addictions (alcohol, binge eating, recreational drugs etc.)

  • You overthink every little action and judge yourself harshly on it

As is obvious, letting mismanaged energy go unchecked can lead to physical manifestations of the same. Excessive stress, common ailments like high blood pressure / blood sugar problems, compromised immunity, insomnia, depression, nagging aches and pains, hair loss etc. are only a few to mention.

Why Should You Learn To Manage Your Emotional Energy –

Learning how to manage your emotional energy gives you a level of self-control that is uplifting and liberating. The practice allows you to respond to situations in a logical way that does not impact your life negatively.

So, why should you learn to manage your emotional energy? When your emotional energy is well balanced, you will experience…

  • More control over your response to negative situations

  • Logical and practical approach to problem solving

  • Energetic participation in professional, personal and social circles

  • Heightened ability to learn and adapt to new situation in life (expected or unexpected) d

  • The ability to feel and retain joy and contentment irrespective of changing circumstances around you

  • Steady drive towards self-development

  • Improved self esteem

  • Deeper and more meaningful relationships

Overall, when you learn to manage your emotional energy, you instantly commence your journey towards becoming the best version of yourself with indubitably fortified mental health.

How to Manage Your Emotional Energy: