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Most awaited 2020 predictions - Natural calamities: Earthquake

Beware! Of the two most awaited earthquakes of high magnitude that are yet to come!

As per astrological calculations & planetary positions, we will experience an increase in the frequency of earthquakes in this decade & in 2020 itself.

We are already experiencing a quick succession of earthquakes, especially in northern India. However, they were of less magnitude, which was harmless, the danger of two upcoming earthquakes of more than six magnitudes on the Richter scale is foreseeable.

1) Before September 20 there is a possibility of an earthquake coming primarily covering the areas of Northern India, Nepal, Iran and the whole of Himalayan belt

In Northeastern India, the whole of Karakoram belt is expecting an earthquake that will be quite dangerous with the predicted magnitude of more than 6.5 on the Richter scale.

2) Southeast Asia & Japan where there can be a high magnitude earthquake in 2020 or after that. But most definitely in this decade itself.

In this decade & in the 2020s itself the frequency of occurrence of earthquakes will increase all over the world

Besides these two significant earthquakes, there can be a high magnitude earthquake in the American continent itself also.

What is the reason behind the increase in earthquake frequency?

The energies of the universe are going to be highly intense because of energies of Mother Earth is in the process shifted & the trapped energies are going to be released. So till it’s “the whole release” there is danger lurking for all of us in the form of experiencing all types of natural calamities.

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