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Solar Eclipse and its Repercussion

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Hello friends, the Partial Solar eclipse of 21st June is an important event.

Eclipse start time ( New Delhi time) is 10:20 am and end time is 1:49 pm.

During the time of eclipse do not cook or eat food because during this time food may get contaminated by negative energy; Do not go outside of the house (except in an emergency); Do not see the eclipse directly; Do not drink water or brush teeth; oiling the body or using the bathroom must be stopped.

Period of sutak for healthy adults without any disease starts from 9:52 pm till 1.49 pm on June 20th and on June 21st Sutak for people who are sick, old & also for kids starts from 5:24 am to 1:49 pm.

During this time chant mantras of God closely guarded within your lips, At this time you can chant Rahu mantras, Om chanting, or Gayatri mantra, Pray to God & meditate upon him to remove obstacles in your life.

According to Brihat Samhita by Varahamihira & astrological analysis of planetary positions during this time, wherein, six other planets are also in the retrograde state inclusive of Solar eclipse. It is predicted that some natural calamity can happen before or after seven days of eclipse.

During this period, people with a sensitive stomach & abdomen can also face stomach ache or abdominal problems/ disease during this time.

This eclipse as compared to the eclipse that happened on December 26th 2019 is not as dangerous. Still, there can certainly be some problems in Delhi -NCR and Central India. Any natural calamity like earthquakes or cyclone is also expected during this period.

Crops may be destroyed there can also be very noticeable irregularities in the weather conditions.

Large groups of people may be affected according to Brihat Samhita. , Indo-china Border issues may be expected because as the main path of the eclipse is through India & China & it’s associated areas, Dehradun.

Imminent Danger is expected to happen within seven days of the eclipse, so it’s highly advised not to step out during this time.

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