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Reenu Sahore,Dubai

Reenu is a certified Executive life Coach and has an ACC accreditation from ICF . She has a specialization in Stress & Emotional Management. She is also a Spiritual Psychologist, NlP trainer, Mindfulness & Wellbeing Expert and a Psychotherapist. 

She works with individuals and groups with Goal-setting, Overcoming Fear & Procrastination, Creating Success Habits and Understanding & Managing Emotions as strengths rather than a hindrance towards success. She also helps the client to create, Work-life balance, to bring out the best in the overall satisfaction & growth.

Greco Philips,
Richard Allen inc.

I initially didn’t understand or comprehend the need for an executive coach. Reenu gave me a different point of view. With her help, I was able to recognize where I could improve myself. I found balance in my work and home life. During my time with Reenu, I was required to make a very difficult decision on my career and family. With her help, it became the easiest transition I have ever had in my career. My only regret is, I wish I had found Reenu earlier in my career.

Sifar Ulhas,
Graphic Expert, Manager
Print Arabia

With Reenu Sahore as my executive coach, I have extensively changed my leadership approach. I now see myself more objectively. In the past, a distorted self-image prevented me from identifying areas that warranted improvement, a major stumbling block in my growth and development. Reenu quickly uncovered the problem and provided the tools I need to understand how others perceive me. With my new skills, I can adjust my actions and modify my behaviors for increasingly positive results. I am sure these indispensable lessons will serve me well as I continue to climb the ladder of success.

Nicola Riley,
Finance Manager
Equitativa Group

Reenu is very easy to talk to and is always ready to create an easy space for me to interact. She gets me in that space where sometimes I could see, what I say and what I really want. The sessions have been an amazing experience which helped me overcome my fears and anxiety.


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