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Shiwani Gurwara,

Shiwani is a Relationship and Empowerment Coach with a total of 20+ years in the corporate world. She is an ICF certified coach skilled in CBT techniques and Positive Psychology.
She coaches in the area of relationships, happiness, stress management, holistic living, and empowerment.

Pranav Malhotra

"I can personally vouch for the motivational energy this woman has. It feels like an ever caring hand that tells me in the back of my mind pranav get up, you can do it. Right from giving up junk food to organizing my daily tasks based on priority. I've learned to manage time and be productive within the same 24 hours that used to drain my
enthusiasm earlier. I've learned that the more you live and celebrate life, the more there is in life to celebrate. The fact that she's always attentive to counsel me, and the way she subconsciously pushes me to work harder and feel better every day. I would say that if there's a rusted lock on your potential then she's the right person to grease it and
get your doors of success working like a flawless engine. Thank you from the core of my heart.“

Lulwa Omar,
Doctor, Kuwait

"Having sessions with coach Shiwani really helped with coping with my personal issues in a positive matter She helped reveal some hidden traits that have been eating away and adding to my psychological state negatively. She also helped me work around it and try to eliminate it. She continuously sends me positive quotes even off-hours which really helped me. I will continuously come back to her."

Soumitra Ghatak,
Hyderabad - India

"Working with Shiwani has been a real eye-opener in terms of what I can achieve personally and professionally. Our discussions have helped me analyze my weaknesses and understand my potential. She really helps you understand the root cause of things that hold you back in achieving your true potential."


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