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Vinita is compassionate about facilitating beings to unlock their true potential and committed to empowering them through mentoring and coaching. Being FCMA, PCC-ICF(Second highest ICF credential), and NLP practitioner,worked with different operational setups and celebrating almost 29th year of her techno – commercial journey. 1000+ practicing hours of her till time journey as a credential coach witnessed many stories of transformation at organizational and individual levels. Strongly believes in alignment between individual and organizational values for sustainable growth. Hence at the organizational level, facilitating leaders and executives to take on a bigger role, the transition to a new role, enhancing their succession management efforts, improving the strategic thinking of leaders, and enhancing executive presence. On operation’s side engaged in mentoring Business Excellence, Cost Effectiveness and Operational Management With reflective and motivating approach, worked successfully with individuals in solving decision making Dilemmas, conflicts managing relationships, parenting, identifying the limiting beliefs, supporting in goal-achieving strategies.Being creative and soulful in her coaching style, She has encompassed her work field wide enough from corporates white collars to work floor’s blue collars, small scale entrepreneurs(especially in traditional crafts and others) millennial to midlife to senior citizens.

Sachin Kashyap,
Project manager

Ms. Vinita, Thanks for introducing me to my own potential. One thing I always wonder that how you listen, which I was just thinking in my mind during our coaching conversations. Truly you are an amazing coach.

Nidhi Navlekar ,
Head Designer
- Zara

Hi, I want to compliment you for narrating stories that always enable me to resonate and reflect. You don’t know, Vinita your way of anchoring through stories supported me in each session to choose the best.

Aks Sani,
-12th Standard

“What I want?” Never thought that asking of such a simple question can bring change and you can focus on what is needed, “In Real”. Vinita Mam thanks for giving this gift and believing in me.


Sumit Rastogi,
Senior Executive,  
Zen pack (BPO)

 Thanks for giving space to know what is actually holding me from delivering results effectively. Its never ever in my mind that my fear to say “no to others” spoiling my effectiveness so silently and I was not aware of it. Hats off to your unique way of exploring !!.

Arjun Kannan,
Head operations
(Technical textiles)

Vinita, you always surprise me with your patience and memory during our coaching conversations. I think your mastery in this Art brings results. Thanks for being my Coach.

Kalpesh Patel, 
GM Marketing,

Vinita, your approach to reflect exactly in my words, I think is your magic key. Thanks for supporting me to stand with what I want to achieve and becoming an accountability partner for may action. With lots of regards and thanks. 

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